About Me

Design Statement

I’m blind...well, legally blind.
When I begin working on a design project, be it branding, illustration, photography–whatever, if it its for fun or for a job, I always make sure that both fully sighted, and partially sighted people can enjoy it. Text? Large, bold, easily readable, but not bland. Illustrations? Simple, to the point but still interesting and eye-catching. Photography? High contrast, bright colors, easily recognizable subjects. Branding? Whatever the client wants it to be, playful, professional, vintage, brutalist, modern, contemporary… whatever, but not at the cost of illegibility and unreadability for the partially sighted. I focus my work on quality AND accessibility, and I won’t compromise one for the other.
My Story in a Nutshell

I was born and raised in Merced, a small town in central California. My parents learned early on that I would have light perception at the most. Not too long after we discovered that the doctors were wrong.
Fast forward a few years and this blind kid (me) decides he likes to draw and mess around on the computer. As I got older I started noticing different aspects of logos, advertisements, typography, and imagery, and began enjoying looking at all the stuff.
Skip a few more years and….here I am today. I graduated from college along with my Guide Dog, Daniel (he doesn't help with the design process, but he  goes wherever I go.).
More interested in Daniel?
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